Section 1

A Commander and not more than three vice commanders designated as First, Second, and Third Vice Commanders, Adjutant, Finance Officer, Judge Advocate, Provost Marshall, and three (3) Trustees shall be elected annually by the members of the post. A Chaplain, Historian, Service Officer, and Public Relations Officer (PRO) shall be appointed annually by the newly elected Commander with the approval of the Executive Committee. These appointed officers shall have no vote on the Executive Committee. The immediate Past Commander will have a voice and a vote on the Executive Committee.

Section 2

The election of officers shall be held Saturday following the annual meeting of the post in May. The election is to be held at the post home in Connersville, Indiana with the polls open from 11:am till 6:00 pm. Sufficient paper ballots will be prepared in advance by the Adjutant. Members must display their current membership card to vote. The Provost Marshall and/or the Judge Advocate shall supervise, distribute, collect and with an Election Committee of three (3) count the ballots and shall there after make the announcement of the results. Members of the Election Committee cannot be running for office. In case of a tie vote the winner will be determined by the flip of a coin by the Judge Advocate. Only members in good standing shall be allowed to vote. National and Department Headquarters shall be notified of the election of new officers by the Post Adjutant within thirty (30) days after the said election has been completed. Members must vote in person.

Section 3

The newly elected and appointed officers shall be sworn in and shall take office at the next regular meeting of the post but in no event sooner than two weeks after such election nor later than June 1st thereafter.

Section 4

In the event the office of the Commander is vacated, the Vice Commanders in order of their numerical designation shall succeed to the office of Commander for the unexpired term.

Section 5

Should any other office be vacated the Commander is empowered to appoint a successor for the completion of the term subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Section 6

Any elected officer who misses three (3) consecutive regular meetings without prior consent shall be removed from office without any further action, notification or hearing. The vacated position shall be filled within the guidelines prescribed herein.