Section 1

The total annual dlues of this post shall be set at $25.00 of which $13.00 $hall be remitted to the National, $7.00 to the Department, and the Post shall retain $5.00.

Section 2

Life member dues are $150.00 of.which $75.00 shall be remitted to thee National Headquarters, $37.50 is forwarded to the Department and $37.50 placed in the post membership account.

Section 3

All fund raising activities must be approved in advance by the Post Executive Cormnittee and the Department Judge Advocate. If a fund raising activity requires a contract or it's anticipated gross revenues are expected to exceed $2,500.00, a copy of the proposed fund raising program must be submitted through the Department to National Headquarters for approval.

Section 4

An annual budget shall be prepared by the Finance Officer and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Accurate books and records of account activities maintained by the Finance Officer shall be subject to inspection and regulation by the Executive Committee at all reasonable times.

Section 5

The Finance Officer shall render a report of receipts and disbursements at each meeting of the post. The office is also responsible for filing an IRS Form 990 with the District Director of the IRS or a certificate in lieu thereof where the 990 is not required on or before the 15th day of the fifth month following the close of the annual account period. A statement as to whether a 990 has or has not been filed with the IRS must be given in writing to the Department and National Headquarters. The Post's fiscal year shall end May 31st.

Section 6

If post club rooms are maintained and operated for the convenience and pleasure of the members of this post in the name of AMVETS, or it's insignia are displayed or used a Board of Trustees shall be elected from among the members of this post to supervise it's activities,  operation, and finance. The post shall also secure at least the minimum liability insurance coverage prescribed by the National Constitution and By-Laws which names the Department and National Headquarters as additional insured and file a copy of the Certificate of Insurance with the Department and National offices.

All guests of the post shall sign the guest book, must be signed in by a member and must leave when that member leaves. Guests cannot purchase alcohol except on open house days as per Indiana Excise laws.

Section 7

Post officials handling AMVETS funds shall be properly bonded with a good and solvent bonding surety company, acceptable to the U.S. Treasury, as surety to cover the average amount of AMVETS funds handled by said individuals in a single year.